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Nexteen creates the world's best changemakers through our hybrid camps and community.

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We want to be the rift in India’s EdTech market.
The world’s progress is limited to the ambition of the ambitious.
We utilize the growing entrepreneurship culture to solve global challenges.
We are an ecosystem for students who are fuelled by ambition.
We can help build problem solvers by scientifically using skill combinations.
Younger people work towards making a future they want to live in.

We help 13 to 19 year-olds solve challenges for a billion other people

We aren’t just any other after-school program, we have been developed to teach our students how to become the world's best leaders!

Alumni Community

We connect like-minded talented teens who are tomorrow's best innovators through our community.

Industry Grade Mentors

We host a selection of mentors from ex-start-up founders to corporate leaders that can transform Nexteen Innovators.


We are a human accelerator program and in still fundamental mindsets into Nexteen Innovators.

Real-world Business Challenge

We provide students with real-life business challenges with our client companies so their solutions can turn into realities.

Global Teams

Be a part of a Global Virtual Team and gain diverse perspectives through exploring new cultures.

The Best Opportunities

Nexteen provides exclusive internship, conference and speaking opportunities to help our students fuel personal growth.

Hybrid Hyderabad Program

We offer students in Hyderabad the opportunity to take part in our hybrid program. This program is inclusive of offline and virtual sessions through which students receive the opportunity to collaborate at corporate spaces across Hyderabad. Sign up today to meet peers in the vicinity!

We believe in the power of community

We focus on building a community that fosters world-class problem solving through the collaboration between the most talented teens and mentors worldwide.

Community is Free to Join

We bring this community together

Real Students, Partners, and Supporters of Nexteen

Redirecting Energies to where it matters. Nexteen's an experience like the startup curve, but for a person.

The Business Camp is an extremely fun thing to do for 6 weeks. We're getting used to be comfortable with the uncomfortable at Nexteen.

Vanya Trivedi

It is a perfect platform for teenagers to look beyond their books and gain some real world experience.

Vedanth and team have worked hard and collaborated with many reputed brands to give students a realistic experience which will help them level up their career.

Vedant Harlalka

With their sturdy plans and fierce passion driving the team, Nexteen will undoubtedly be creating ripples in the way we perceive GenZ's outlook on business. The Nexteen Business Camp will enrich the proficiency of students  and help them work on their personal projects.

Mansi patil

Nexteen Ecosystem

Nexteen's Community and Team has been associated with people from the best org's

We’d love for you to join our Pilots!

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No prior knowledge or experience is required. We care more about your curiosity, ambition, and desire to make an impact in the world.

Nexteen Community is free for innovative youngsters to join.

The best part about the Nexteen community is the social structure with like-minded people building incredible projects! It's also free to join.