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The Basics.

Financial And Cost

Upon Admission, one time program fee for hybrid session is ₹9000 + GST. Please check T/C by emailing us.

Deadline to Apply

Nexteen Business Camp is accepting applications for pilot cohort . Applications closing on 22nd May 2022.

Cohort begins from 15th June 2022.

Application and Interview

Nexteen Business Camp is an exclusive program with a limited availability of seats per cohort. You can access the application form by clicking on the “apply now” button. After we receive your application, if it fits our eligibility criteria, you will be allotted a time slot for your interview round with someone from the team.


Students between the age group of 13-19 are eligible to apply to Nexteen Business Camp. However, you will only be selected after you complete every step from psychometric tests to the personal interview rounds. 

We're building the future

We work with people because it's no secret that they build their future

Alumni Community

Through the program, not only will you have access to a community of the rest of your peers across Hyderabad, but you will also have access to our global peers from participants worldwide as well!

Industry Grade Mentors

We will be able to provide a host of the worlds best sector agnostic mentors, inclusive of mentorship from qualified mentors in the vicinity of Hyderabad.


We will instill fundamental mindsets that are demonstrated by the world’s best leaders to make our students some of the best leaders across Hyderabad.

Real-world Business Challenge

You will have the opportunity to work both in-person and online on real-world business challenges with our top client companies.

In Person Teams

You will have the opportunity to work in-person with the best peers across Hyderabad to collectively become changemakers and problemsolvers.

Weekend Sessions

Nexteen organises Exclusive Weekend virtual/offline sessions and activities for Our Students and Alumni Community.

Real Students, Partners, and Supporters of Nexteen

As an early entrant in the Nexteen Business Camp.
I've realized this is a less conventional learning experience, but a work experience that helps you pick up actual skills superfast that you'd use while working.


Age :- 15 years

Nexteen is an uplifting and encouraging platform for young entrepreneurs to learn more about the business community.  I highly recommend young entrepreneurs to take advantage of Nexteen and curriculum.

Phillipa Jongen

Age :- 15 years

I have been volunteering for Nexteen for the past few months. While my role in this program has been advancing students to become problem-solvers, by being a part of this wonderful program.

Arya Nadella

Age :- 16 years

After the wave of technology and coding amongst youngsters, we're now experiencing the wave of entrepreneurship among them. Nexteen is and will be one of the pioneers in this wave and will eventually lead it to success by utilising its breakthrough products.

Aarav Garg

Age :- 17 year

Nexteen is what exposes you to challenges, mindsets, skills & frameworks that help you solve problems nobody could solve before. They help showcase the world what you've built, and I've worked with them, and I'm proud of it.


Age :- 16 year

Program Curriculum

- Introduction to Nexteen and program structure
- Connecting with cohort members
- Understanding the Nexteen mindset
Decision Making
- Understanding implications of business decisions
- Mindset: Setting high standards
Building on Ideas
- Understanding an executive summary’s application in business
- Framing ideas into problem statements
- Mindset: Problem Solving
The Mindset
- Understanding and implementing mental models
- Understanding conflict management
Design Sprints
- Understanding design sprints in business
- Ideation for problem statements
- Skill: Brainstorming
The End
- Facilitation and awards
- Closing presentations
- Closing speeches
Data Analysis
- Understanding implications of business decisions
- Understanding implications of business decisions
Exponential Technologies
- Blockchain
- AI
- BioMolecular Science
- Crypto & NFT
Group Counsulting
- Understanding optimisation of reports
- Counselling with coaches
- Networking session
Final Review
- Last reviews of reports
- Mindset: Self-Awareness
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What do student do after Hybrid Session

Our alumni community is a community that connects like-minded talented teens who are tomorrow’s best innovators.

Join Nexteen Innovate
NexInnoavte is Nexteen’s 7 Month STEM inspired program that launches November 2022. It goes deeper into foundational skillsets, mindsets and knowledge developed in the Business Camp & also generally with other projects in the ecosystem. We help people solve global challenges with exponential technologies with our human accelerator program structure. Students use the technology they learned in the ecosystem to address some of the world's most pressing issues, including as medical errors, poverty, and climate change. They also try to gain a better understanding of how the world works through the PIE challenge and root cause analysis, so they may develop initiatives to implement and begin making an effect.
Spark + Scale
Nexteen alumni have launched companies into entrepreneurship, often based on projects they created in Nexteen. Many alumni have worked with companies in funded  health tech, 5G tech, blockchain and Web3 based startups. Nexteen alumni intern at big ITs like Google, Microsoft, Accenture, BlueSemi & More.
Enroll in University
Nexteen alumni often choose to attend University upon graduating from high school.  our students choose to enroll in diverse courses. Nexteen alumni have been accepted into prestigious programs such as Harvard Globally, our students have also been accepted, and in many cases received full or partial scholarships.Nexteen’s an official partner with student ecosystems & multiple high schools & colleges in 3 different countries.

Earn access to unique opportunities

Develop your personal portfolio and earn access to internships, conference and guest speakers


Global companies and startups hire Nexteen Alumni to hire for internships & full time roles

Guest Speakers & Conferences

Nexteen students get opportunities for opportunities

Be a part of global community

At the heart of all we do is community. It all comes down to the people we meet, the connections we create, and the network we establish. It's a community of ambitious students who come together to grow the seeds of the future generation of CEOs, thought leaders, and world-changers.

join us now

Work with Global Organizations

Our alumni community is a community that connects like-minded talented teens who are tomorrow’s best innovators.


Nexteen Solvers (Business Camp Alumini) are working with LooCafe & The Government of Telangana to work on changing the poor perception of public toilets. They're using exponential technologies & building effective strategies that cater to one of India's largest missions.


Nexteeners are working on fostering innovation and generating waves of innovation and entrepreneurship to cultivate a culture amongst youngsters to rapidly multiply into problem solvers. Laying down the foundations of Y-Hub, an Initiative by the Government of Telangana and T-Hub

United Nations

Working towards sustainable technologies to bolster the Wash Sector in India. Nexteen students are innovating on solving problems in the fields of water, sanitation & hygiene

Some Organizations
we’re taking challenges with

Blown away by the energy of students at Nexteen. They're adaptive to situations we're putting up for them. Super ahead of current top graduates

Chakkaravarthi Rajamani /Director, Ixora Group

Gain Access to World-Class Mentors

Nexteen students get access to a network of senior leaders from the largest startups and the world’s biggest corporations to help with their technical projects.

Hari Chandana
IAS Officer
Divya Reddy
Divya Reddy Foundation
Mansi Shah
The Clueless Company
Mehul Fanawala
The Clueless Company
Nitin Mukesh
Here Technologies
Ayush Sachdeva
Pitch Krafts
Chakkaravarthi Rajamani
Ixora Group
Ayush Bagga
T-Hub Consultant
Sayan Mukharjee
Sayan Sapui
Expy Bio

Our Tuition Expense

Most of our money goes into facilitating really experienced directors, mentors & project building for you
This being our pilot for Hyderabad, we've gone for an all-time low nominal fee.

⚪ We provide financial aid to students who aren't able to afford the program

₹9000 + GST for 6 Week Program
apply now
Financial Aid
Nexteen partners with directors, corporates, consultants, and government officials to help students through their journey of problem solving. Nexteen is a mission oriented organisation and admission in Nexteen Business Camp is not restricted to a certain class of people. We provide financial aid to students who have a passion for solving real world challenges but aren't able to pay.