Our 6-Week Program

Nexteen is a human accelerator program, and this is a 6-Week Hybrid Version hosted out of Hyderabad that focuses on a particular corporate challenge and solving it with Emerging Technologies

The 6-week-long program will provide students with the opportunity to practice in specific corporate industries, develop business acumen, and collaborate with skilled international teams. The program provides students with exclusive access to industry-grade mentors, coaches, an extensive digital platform, and hands-on learning opportunities directly with corporates, all fostered by the exclusive Nexteen Community.

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The Basics.

Financial Aid

We're commited to being Needs Blind, and we offer over 4 Million INR in Aid every cohort.

Deadline to Apply

Nexteen Business Camp is accepting applications for pilot cohort . Applications closing on 22nd May 2022.

Cohort begins from 24th June 2022.

Application and Interview

Nexteen Business Camp is an exclusive program with a limited availability of seats per cohort. You can access the application form by clicking on the “apply now” button. After we receive your application, if it fits our eligibility criteria, you will be allotted a time slot for your interview round with someone from the team.


Students between the age group of 13-19 are eligible to apply to Nexteen Business Camp. However, you will only be selected after you complete every step from psychometric tests to the personal interview rounds. 

Nexteen  Sessions

Nexteen students receive 40+ written content modules on building MVP, business challenges & emerging technologies such as carbonisation, blockchain, crypto. Nexteen mentors included IAS officials, entrepreneurs, activists, corporates etc
Our skill sessions provide students with knowledge on the most crucial life-skills. Not only are they heavily applicable to business, but they are also versatile skills that can transform lives. Additionally, students can implement these skills in business to make many business processes a lot more efficient.
Nexteen mindset sessions teach students the qualities of the world’s best entrepreneurs. We teach students what success is through building their mindsets to match those of the best path-makers worldwide. These sessions help students transform themselves to think like the best.
Nexteen provides its students access to an exclusive community of high growth potential students working on solving challenges of the real world and building exponential technologies.

Focus for the 6-Week Cohort





How Much Time Students Spends?

Meet per week as a cohort on weekends, 3 Hours. And 2 sessions between 1-2 hours throughout the week additionally.

Nexteen Hybrid Program

The Client company for the challenge is usually a one working to solve a global problem that affects millions. A large company is selected that believes in Youth Moonshots.


Here you will learn to solve the problems which doesn't have existing solution.

The Next-level

Solving Problems with  Industry mentors, frameworks and planning.

Nexteen Innovators will be divided into a team of 6 after Phase 1, will be engaged with each other for the next few weeks as a team to solve the corporate challenge.

Some Organizations we’re taking
challenges with

Working with a Global Virtual Team

Engaged with each other, exploring cross-cultural challenges. Nexteen Innovators with their teams will eventually compete with other teams to develop a winning report, here Nexteen  becomes an International Business Competition.

World Class Mentors

Speak to mentors from sector agnostic areas for 1:1s.
Work with Industry Leaders for a challenge or inspiration.

Skill Development

Enhance Skills you’re interested in. An overall soft skill development field IS Nexteen.

Away from Home

Company Tours/In Person Sessions.

Exposure outside the Business Camp or during. We conduct our offline sessions at offices of some of  the biggest IT Sectors of the country in Hyderabad.
We run our cohort at places like Amazon, T-Hub, IIIT, Microsoft & more.

Guest Speakers

We invite special guest speakers for Nexteen Sessions
Featured in this picture, CEO of T-Hub, Head of Microsoft, & Advisor Hyderabad Angels with A renowned investor


You’re Journey Starts Here 

Before the program starts, you will receive access to our exclusive community and research resources.


- Introduction to Nexteen and program structure
- Connecting with cohort members
- Understanding the Nexteen mindset

Decision Making

- Understanding implications of business decisions
- Mindset: Setting high standards

Data Analysis

- Understanding implications of business decisions
- Mindset: Setting high standards

Exponential Technologies

- Introduction to
1. Blockchain
2. AI
3. BioMolecular Science
4. IOT
5. Crypto

Building on Ideas

- Understanding an executive summary’s application in business
- Framing ideas into problem statements
- Mindset: Problem Solving

The Mindset

- Understanding and implementing mental models
- Understanding conflict management

Design Sprints

- Understanding design sprints in business
- Ideation for problem statements
- Skill: Brainstorming

Group Counselling

- Understanding optimisation of reports
- Counselling with coaches
- Networking session

Final Review

- Last reviews of reports
- Mindset: Self

The End

- Facilitation and awards
- Closing presentations
- Closing speeches

Application Process

1.Application Form

2. Background Verification

3. Psychometric Test

4. Interview & Selection

Nexteen Closing

On the projects they've been working on all year, Nexteen students present, demonstrate, and participate in panel discussions at a sizeable event held for the city as a closing. It is the big conclusion of the show.